Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Big Blue Whale Who Cried

Manatee - Mitro

Deep down below the ocean
sat a big blue whale
who cried and cried
his heart out
no one wants a big fat whale
his name was Fred
and he would dread
when people came to meet him
they would act surprised
open up their eyes, and say
but my
you're a big fellow
he though oh wow
I'm young now
and have no interest in girls
but when I decide to take a bride
who will take on such a blubber
the currents rushed and the ocean drew
and a strange little surprise revealed
why there just in front of him
before his very eyes
came a tiny little man
with tiny little feet
and of tiny little size
he rode aboard a seahorse
and tears fell from his eyes
now Fred was  intrigued and
felt so bad he wanted to help this fellow
he said to him why do you cry
you little tiny fellow
the man looked up for indeed he was
a very old old man
and said to Fred why would I not
it's all because of my size
and you of course would not understand
for I can see you are a healthy strapping man
now this quite stopped our Freddy short
and he pondered deep and thought 
and then he sat and sighed
 and blurted out his heart
it seems that we are never pleased with anything we are
we want what's different than ourselves
when we are  actually five stars
if only we could see we are lovely just  the way we are
and that it takes the tiny and the large
so hold your head high with dignity

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