Monday, August 1, 2016

Sliver Ocean Salt Life

Daytona Beach Florida  Photography by Kathy Mitro
A silver day starts at the ocean
liquid blue waves stream to kiss powdered shore
a tiny boy dropkicks a football
hard to ask for anything more
the sea gulls cry out and are quite raucous
the terns I call the boys from Japan
with their mars black flop of  a hairdo
resembling honorable oriental men
the crabs fly everywhere into hidey-holes
as we walk on the sand hand in hand
my spirit calls out to calm and reassure them
but I fear that they don't  understand
surfers in brilliant yellow and orange board shorts
imitating the sun and  wearing jubilant grins
today is their day at the ocean
and they will only let happiness in
pelican dive and then cannonball
the water shoots up in the sky
from their heavy little bodies hitting water
 in stupendous and death defying dives
dolphins cavort and then tumble
through endless wave after wave after wave
so this is what they call salt life
the joy the salt air and salt water brings

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