Thinking of Bill Gates 2015

Thinking of Bill Gates 2015 - Mitro

A river of money flows to me
golden ocher overflowing my flanks
a symphony of  gold coin coins dance for me
in pairs and in colonnade flanks
they twinkle they sparkle like sunshine
each reflecting a beauteous light
I love oh how I love money
it makes everything that is wrong, right
it feeds the ranks that are hungry
it puts coats on the cold ones backs
it puts medicine in the mouths of children
and  water into parched lands back
so explain to me how it is written
that to be rich, is to be so bad
money is like a cushion
it buys what makes one so glad
so if I have my choice
and I do have one
to be wealthy or to grovel in poor
I would definitely take the wealthy
it's infinitely much more pleasurable
 than being so unhappily poor
 - Mitro

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