Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015

Muddled Ingress

Transcendental meditation
takes me where I need to go
away away inside myself
where no one else can go
only in the quiet
can we find our peace
only in the stillness
can anxiety be released
every guru knew this
every great man too
for if you catch yourself up
and never go within
your life will pass in seconds
and you will have to return again

Muddled Ingress - Mitro

Sip of Life Tribute to Jack Keourac 2015

A sip of life
to those
who know

Sip of Life a Tribute to Jack Keourac 2015 - Mitro

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Please Do Not Leave Your Head Behind You Will Need it Anywhere You Go

Please Don't Leave Your Head Behind - Mitro

Please don't leave your head behind
you need it all times
if not to sing, to talk, to be or perhaps to speak in rhymes
it's tempting to act all flutterbutt and not to understand
you blame it on itself 
and say oh wow, I just forget to bring my head
but what is this, the blame game now
when really you're in charge
so please take your head
you'll need it here
and you'll need it there
if only just to get around


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Relics from the Past

Cross - Mitro

The cart and the donkey pull up the road
the load is heavy and mind blowing right
but to travel this distance in moonlight
is creating such a fearful fright
the dogs they are baying at night travelers
each running up and then back into the night
an obstreperous band of guarding fellows
taking their job on with great mightily might as a silver sliver of moonbeam lights up the very black night
around the bend stands a old farmhouse
once the home of the Mc'Nally clan
the boy all left home to play football
and became very talented men
but I digress that is not important
and I will say what I have come to say
so back again to the donkey and the reason
the reason for the journey that day
the cart it was filled with straw
straw hiding what was underneath
it was heavy and precious and it was something
something every one needs
the donkey was understandably nervous
and keep looking behind as he went
how in heavens name did he get here
in this lonely godforsaken place
on the road to eventual freedom 
freedom for all
and I mean all in sight
for the cart contained precious relics
of a famous birth upon a very old night
the relics contained essence of goodness
from a man that went way beyond great
in fact he was quite holy and fought the very good fight
to make all people understand they are worthy
worthy of all that is good
so the donkey continues onward
because it seems many have forgotten his word


A porcupine stops and smells the flowers that lay dormant under the new sheet of snow
he's perplexed he used the flowers as his marker to show him the way to the new home
but now what
 no flowers only crystal cold white stuff
he has been watching and feeling the cold air coming on
but he is a young pup and this is the first time he has seen snow
he looks to the heavens and crystal clear flakes of snow land on his tiny face
should he turn around
but turn around where
 he is suddenly lost
he hears voices and it sounds like children
the crystal clear high tones of laughter and fun
he would like to stay and watch
but is it wise is it safe
curiosity gets the better of him and he stays put
the children come
and they laugh and point at him in delight
look how cute a porcupine!
hey this is turning into quite a fine night

Flower - Mitro

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bright Day Glorious World

Timeless ocean,
timeless mind
yellow puddles of sunshine
on a blue ocean walk
always the main topic of talk
clouds made of pillow
silky proud puffs
the world  so gracious
to deliver all of this to us
to let us experience
wild dolphins and such
and the joy of their wonderous
dance in the surf
calling out cries of goodness
encircling  the earth
everything  so pretty
everything  so nice
limitless boundaries
of white powder ice
so cool on our feet
with the sweet ocean breeze
what tremendous freedom
to walk where we please
to stop and to talk
to talk and to tease


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Clearly Tables Turn

- Mitro

Clear off into the sunset I met a tiny lamb
he was with his mother
and didn't give a damn
he knew she would protect him
that's what mothers are for
to be there for their babies
when danger comes knocking upon the door
he smelled of  glowing sunshine
he acted like the rain
he danced upon the meadow
like a crazy man in pain
he thought he wanted his freedom
so he danced and pulled away
his mother said not so fast boy
for now it's time to stay
so let me protect and hold you
hold you while I still can
when you grow to full growth
time enough to pull away
and watch over your old Mama
until her dying day

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Trio of Hedgehogs

Mickey Jumping - Mitro
A telltale sign at midnight
a cat in the old garage
tiptoeing so no one hears him
settling down among the old cars
a bothersome noise is beckoning
perhaps it is better ignored
but cats are by nature curious
and this was far too weird not to explore
so he crept up on the old  ladder
the one with all the paint splats
and looked down to the very end where he saw movement
he thought perhaps another strange cat
and indeed he was right, it was one
well no, not another cat
but a trio of little baby hedgehogs
and there they just waited and sat
so he crept down to get better acquainted
and was thrilled from his head to his toes
when the babies looked up and then cuddled
around the big cat, erasing all woes

Monday, September 28, 2015

Look Not to Past Writings to Move Towards Peace

I myself am always moving forward, so I never look to past writings to move forward.
That is not logical, a contradiction in terms, to study and replicate the past to move forward.
I believe that the moving of our civilization to one of peace, lyes in not doing things as they always have been done, but by looking to new ways of changing how things have been done.
 Always always moving to more love more kindness and more tolerance.
 The Bible was written over 3500 years ago, over a period of 1400 to 1800 years by more than 40 different authors Many of the Psalms were written by King David during his reign over Israel.
When was the bible written?
How much damage has been done by incorrect interpretations of what is supposed to be God's word?
Any written sentence is open to thousands of interpretations just as this blog is open to thousands of interpretations.
What I mean by this blog is to always look to good. 
To say what is the kindest action that can be taken in any given situation.
 To always look to kindness.
 If you go into the Bible and see judgement and condemnation, be assured this is not the word of the God.
 This is a man putting himself in God's shoes, thinking how he would react if he was God, and then writing it down as if God had said it.
God is not revenge seeking. 
God is not punishing. 
God is not judgmental. 
God is not condemning.
God is ultimate compassion. 
- Mitro

God is ultimate love. 
God is ultimate forgiveness.
In other words God is everything that is good and if someone tells you God wants bad for you, do yourself a favor, don't believe them.
There is much good in the Bible that is written by those that have truly seen the light.
 The light of absolute love, absolute compassion and absolute kindness.
And when I think about it what interpretation rings true to me?
 Rings with the possibility of world peace?
The version that says all is love.
Or the version that says we must condemn punish, enslave and seek revenge for that which is different than us?
I know for me, I want the all love version
Truth - Mitro

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Dance that is Africa

In a tiny hut in Africa
we pause before the window 
to look into the night
moonbeams dance around the heavens
then to our delight
they dance upon our nightgowns
encouraging us to vow peace
the wind whispers
we are ephemeral
the wind sings
we are creation
the wind knows
we are mother earth
we are the stars
we are the dance
that is Africa


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Two Little Cats in Tahiti

Two little cats in Tahiti
each wearing grass hula hu skirts
one was named Micky another Moo Moo
they were afraid of getting dirty in dirt
they liked to be clean and were pristine
in manner and in all forms of dress
so the little grass hula skirts they now wore
were far from their normal best
they swayed and they sang with the music
it made them really quite gay
they hoped they looked well to the others
and they said for this day they will say
no more worry about dirt and appearance
they would just enjoy being carefree and give way
to the frog and the monkey who asked to cut in
and enjoy this most fun of all day
so our boys said to the cut sure in a moment
not resenting the dust and the noise
of the dance of the frog and the monkey
who could ever begrudge the two such a joy
the joy of a dance without reason
except for the joy of the fun
of the dance and the moon in Tahiti
and a night they were so glad had come
to forget how they looked to others
and to focus on just having fun
so remember to have fun in your life and to sway when the musics around
and not be afraid of getting a little dirty
cause sometimes getting a little dirty
is essential to having good clean fun

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Marriage - Mitro

The King and Queen have invited you
to their upcoming marriage today
the groom is happy
the bride not so much
and hopes she's not giving it away
we all grow up and think we want
to marry, that will be so cool
but sometimes fairy tales go wrong
it's not what we learned of in school
we must be careful who we wed
sometimes someone seems so good
but boy when that someone is not who we thought
 all the goodness in marriage goes south soon
so just make sure before you wed
you found the right girl or guy
the one you pick, always, all the time
and the one who always picks you 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Z -  Mitro

Bolts of lightening
blaze through the sky
and illuminate my soul

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Ride to Riches

Goldilocks in a Gold Velvet Swing 2015 - Mitro

The ride to riches
can be slow or fast
a quick buck here
but will it last
to crunch the numbers
and then to gasp
says here I've made millions
hell no, I hope it don't pass

Bird of Death or The Final Flight of The Human Psyche

Bird of Death or The Final Flight of The Human Psyche - Mitro

A final flight to freedom
it only comes with death
the buoyancy of  nothingness
a bestowing of great wealth
gone are all the tensions
gone and drifted away
by the magic wand that death waves
eliminating all bad ways
before we go we are unique
we are  peaceable or at war
but when we enter the final gate
all tensions cease and are never realized more
with the inner working of our psyche
we move on and enter through
the gateway that passes into eternity
and a bonus of life renewed

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dichotomy Degree Connection Cold and Hot

Dichotomy - Mitro
Connection degree cold
speak of things of sight
I wonder how I can let it go
and let you leave
with crystal tears that turn to water
and warm embrace that turns to ice
it's time for me to go
so I go and think
and thought
this is the end
how do I know
and if  I do
does it matter

Hot balmy breezes
blow in from the ocean
I'm so happy to be here with you
time floats on a bubble of happiness
and blesses our connection
with brilliant birds that fly into our hair
and turtles that break the water
to see us together
and the two we are as one


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship - Mitro

Melding with ocean
buoyancy carrying
silky embrace of the sea
 - Mitro

Mickey Jumping

Mickey Jumping - Mitro

Mickey jumping is a joy
cat and spider
what a boy

Saturday, July 25, 2015

old turtle

 Sea Turtle - Mitro

Old turtle
the road and dream

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sleeping Beauty 2015

Sleeping Beauty 2015 - Mitro

I lay in bed
and fill my lungs
quite fully and quite deep
of precious air
there's so much of
I swallow and ponder deep
what is this life
what is this thing
that we so fully use 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Shark Shark - Mitro

Everyone always said to me, please avoid the sharks
and I will protect you honey dear
you need not fear whats dark
what did I know
I was young and thought this was the way
never really occurred to me
that it was not okay
fear is just imagining
imagining makes it real
the focus ah the focus
is all it really needs
protection never comes from out
it must always come from in
for the key is when you feel safe inside
that's the only reality you leave in

Monday, July 6, 2015


The trees in the meadow are blooming
the boys  want a chance at the bat
summer has arrived early
attested by the energy of the cat
the cat is a beautiful redhead
just as pleasant as he can be
enjoying his tea with the bumblebee
while the dog bounces his baby on knee  
Forest Forest - Mitro

The willows are crying their hearts out
as always quite naturally sad
someone calls out to them
settle down
but all it does is make them more mad
I love the summer the good times
I hate to feel winter winds blow
so I solved it quite easily and nicely
by moving to Florida
and  saying goodbye to ice shows
- Mitro

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blue Nosed Poodle / Exodus to the Sea

Blue Nosed Poodle / Exodus to the Sea Blue Nosed Poodle -Mitro

The skies open
and money falls
covering the earth with kindness
what will be
will be seen
in the paradise you have left behind
tell me oh wise one
how could it be
that we should reunite
beside the sea
oh lord of lords
oh king of kings
soothe your sad head
and we will speak
of racing cars and midnight bars
tell me that you are thinking of me
- Mitro

Friday, July 3, 2015

Mini Book of Haiku

Jack Keourac
Once again inspired by Jack Keourac while reading his self professed favorite haiku

Chief Crazy Horse looks
North with tearful eyes____
The first snow flurry
By Jack Keourac Jack Keourac

I have started my own mini book of haiku

Cicada's play
no fiddle
only wings

Candlelight flickers on wall 
for wine and cheese

White snake
tell me
do you feel pain

Lemon grass
glistening with dew
the man in the moon is looking at you

Bolts of lightening
blaze through the sky
and illuminate my soul

Cerulean blue ocean
your secrets

Sage green man
tell me once
and then tell me once again

Epistle to all
the church clock
has wound down

Brilliant green forest
dark with creatures
don't turn them out

Old turtle
cross the road
and dream

Birds of flight
what do you know
that you never tell

Heat pours forth
and blazes
in the cold room

my belly is full
and feels just right

Kittens with scarves
with the moon

- Mitro

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bird the Vision of Sight

Shadows dance over ceiling and walls
moving and shifting encompassing all
what are they saying
God only knows
for only the privileged
catch on to their tone
a lifetime of living                                    
Bird the Vision of Sight   36" by 48" Bird The Vision -Mitro
A lifetime of pain
is only forgiving
when you accept  blame
to move on is wisdom
to stagnate, is shame
life is so pretty
not only in name
but in light of ones virtues
not manly, not right
but in death we see all
we are given the vision of sight
- Mitro

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thinking of Bill Gates 2015

Thinking of Bill Gates 2015 - Mitro

A river of money flows to me
golden ocher overflowing my flanks
a symphony of  gold coin coins dance for me
in pairs and in colonnade flanks
they twinkle they sparkle like sunshine
each reflecting a beauteous light
I love oh how I love money
it makes everything that is wrong, right
it feeds the ranks that are hungry
it puts coats on the cold ones backs
it puts medicine in the mouths of children
and  water into parched lands back
so explain to me how it is written
that to be rich, is to be so bad
money is like a cushion
it buys what makes one so glad
so if I have my choice
and I do have one
to be wealthy or to grovel in poor
I would definitely take the wealthy
it's infinitely much more pleasurable
 than being so unhappily poor
 - Mitro

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kitten With a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana

Kitten With a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana - Mitro
The circle of fruit fell from the tree
to the brilliant grass below
it rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled
until it hit the sea
clever idea pops in his head
I'd like to be a fish
and sail across the salty brine
to see what I am worth
so it floated and swam
and dived and submerged
until it had it's fill
then announced
I know whats next
I'd like to be a bird
so it took to flight and moved the air
and traveled the universe
until it occurred
that there was more
and decided to cover the earth
and go into each and every part
of every single thing
and said aha this is what Buddha sought
now I am everything
- Mitro

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