Monday, November 10, 2014

The Telephone Call From Mexico

Dichotomy - Mitro
I'm talking on the telephone
I'm trying to be so nice
but they keep saying they can't understand me
and I can't seem to break the ice
the kitten is laying on the bed
as always wanting to play
he has his little fishing pole
he usually gets his way
but I'm puzzling my role in all this
so sits there he does
his hope springs eternal
and if he had thumbs to twiddle
I'm sure he would
the temperature is perfect 
at least inside the room
the waiting though is endless
I'm pining for the moon
to finally start
to start my life
the kitten doesn't care
about my hopes and dreams
he just lays there fixing me with a stare
hoping I will see the light
and throw a little play his way

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