Monday, September 28, 2015

Look Not to Past Writings to Move Towards Peace

I myself am always moving forward, so I never look to past writings to move forward.
That is not logical, a contradiction in terms, to study and replicate the past to move forward.
I believe that the moving of our civilization to one of peace, lyes in not doing things as they always have been done, but by looking to new ways of changing how things have been done.
 Always always moving to more love more kindness and more tolerance.
 The Bible was written over 3500 years ago, over a period of 1400 to 1800 years by more than 40 different authors Many of the Psalms were written by King David during his reign over Israel.
When was the bible written?
How much damage has been done by incorrect interpretations of what is supposed to be God's word?
Any written sentence is open to thousands of interpretations just as this blog is open to thousands of interpretations.
What I mean by this blog is to always look to good. 
To say what is the kindest action that can be taken in any given situation.
 To always look to kindness.
 If you go into the Bible and see judgement and condemnation, be assured this is not the word of the God.
 This is a man putting himself in God's shoes, thinking how he would react if he was God, and then writing it down as if God had said it.
God is not revenge seeking. 
God is not punishing. 
God is not judgmental. 
God is not condemning.
God is ultimate compassion. 
- Mitro

God is ultimate love. 
God is ultimate forgiveness.
In other words God is everything that is good and if someone tells you God wants bad for you, do yourself a favor, don't believe them.
There is much good in the Bible that is written by those that have truly seen the light.
 The light of absolute love, absolute compassion and absolute kindness.
And when I think about it what interpretation rings true to me?
 Rings with the possibility of world peace?
The version that says all is love.
Or the version that says we must condemn punish, enslave and seek revenge for that which is different than us?
I know for me, I want the all love version
Truth - Mitro

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Dance that is Africa

In a tiny hut in Africa
we pause before the window 
to look into the night
moonbeams dance around the heavens
then to our delight
they dance upon our nightgowns
encouraging us to vow peace
the wind whispers
we are ephemeral
the wind sings
we are creation
the wind knows
we are mother earth
we are the stars
we are the dance
that is Africa


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