Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bird the Vision of Sight

Shadows dance over ceiling and walls
moving and shifting encompassing all
what are they saying
God only knows
for only the privileged
catch on to their tone
a lifetime of living                                    
Bird the Vision of Sight   36" by 48" Bird The Vision -Mitro
A lifetime of pain
is only forgiving
when you accept  blame
to move on is wisdom
to stagnate, is shame
life is so pretty
not only in name
but in light of ones virtues
not manly, not right
but in death we see all
we are given the vision of sight
- Mitro

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thinking of Bill Gates 2015

Thinking of Bill Gates 2015 - Mitro

A river of money flows to me
golden ocher overflowing my flanks
a symphony of  gold coin coins dance for me
in pairs and in colonnade flanks
they twinkle they sparkle like sunshine
each reflecting a beauteous light
I love oh how I love money
it makes everything that is wrong, right
it feeds the ranks that are hungry
it puts coats on the cold ones backs
it puts medicine in the mouths of children
and  water into parched lands back
so explain to me how it is written
that to be rich, is to be so bad
money is like a cushion
it buys what makes one so glad
so if I have my choice
and I do have one
to be wealthy or to grovel in poor
I would definitely take the wealthy
it's infinitely much more pleasurable
 than being so unhappily poor
 - Mitro

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kitten With a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana

Kitten With a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana - Mitro
The circle of fruit fell from the tree
to the brilliant grass below
it rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled
until it hit the sea
clever idea pops in his head
I'd like to be a fish
and sail across the salty brine
to see what I am worth
so it floated and swam
and dived and submerged
until it had it's fill
then announced
I know whats next
I'd like to be a bird
so it took to flight and moved the air
and traveled the universe
until it occurred
that there was more
and decided to cover the earth
and go into each and every part
of every single thing
and said aha this is what Buddha sought
now I am everything
- Mitro

Friday, June 12, 2015

Independence For Billy Boy

Independence for Billy Boy - Mitro

We started the journey at midnight
battling straight on right through the night
a colossal effort at freedom
figuring out
this is wrong this is right
I know that I am creative
I know what I think
that I am                               
but can anyone tell me 
please edify                                                         
did I hear the mew of a lamb
a lamb that mews in the face of the danger
the danger that comes from within
when every one fears they don't matter
when in fact everyone most certainly can
if they turn their face from such darkness
and give in and revolve to the light
then the world will turn much brighter
and the planet will blaze with the light

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rise Up Rise Up Schrodingers Cat

Schrodingers Cat - Mitro
Rise up rise up oh mighty ones
and let us see your souls
for what is still inside you
is only left for fools
take up the stuff
take up the leaves
and let me go away
away away to beauty land
to play another day
rise up rise up
oh loyal friend
and let me soothe your soul                
for you are such a treasure
with you what need of gold
take me to the mountains
let me roam the plains
for tomorrow is forgotten
when we know of names
 rise up rise up oh mighty ones
and I'll let you take the charge
of balancing and golden rings
and things I know not of

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trees With Eyes That See Me

 Trees With Eyes That See Me - Mitro
The house is surrounded by  good guys
people masquerading quite plainly as trees
each object is filled with a person
so only good guys apply for work please
and take me along to the river
for a ride that is filled not with angst
of visions of crocodiles floating
and waters overflowing the bank
let me look to the sky at the sunshine
and the warmth of the sun on my skin
and let me travel back to my childhood
where everything in my life
is innocence once again.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Cross - Mitro

Oh golden star in Heaven
reach down and see your son
and cast the beauty of your vision
 into the shape of one

Oh golden Father in Heaven
look down and see your son
and cast the beauty of your vision
 into the shape of one

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ode to My Best Friend Patty Lou

Friend - Mitro

glides on the ocean
of limitless life
as she seeks and she wanders
through  every delight
beautiful sunset
beautiful breeze
beautiful Patty                                     
she do what she please
oceans of sunshine
shine on her face
raptures of heaven
foreshadow her space
mirrors her soul
oceans of kindness
cascade over her

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Room is Filled With Angels

Angel Too -  Mitro
The room is filled with angels
everyone who cares
the room a glow with their energy
people from ceiling to stairs
so blessings to my mothers and blessings to my dads
and to all my brothers and sisters
I'm very glad I had
for some day we will be angels
and this poem will be for us
and we will rock and roll on the ocean
holding others in our trust 

Kathy Mitro Kathy Mitro

Monday, June 1, 2015

Old Yeller 2015

Old Yeller- Mitro

                                       Tell the dog
                                        the butterfly
                                        is on his head
                                       - Mitro

Yin Yang

Twisting and turning
the page to a more
comfortable life
I lye

 and thought
I saw a vision

- Mitro


Possum  - Mitro
Possum possum
in the night
will you leave
your lonely wife
or will you play
and have your fill
another day
to think
and thrill

Bunny Rabbit on A Mission

Bunny Rabbit on a Mission - Mitro
A chance look at the world
through the eyes of sight
dance on waves
and draw
whatever you please
- Mitro

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