Sunday, August 30, 2015

Two Little Cats in Tahiti

Two little cats in Tahiti
each wearing grass hula hu skirts
one was named Micky another Moo Moo
they were afraid of getting dirty in dirt
they liked to be clean and were pristine
in manner and in all forms of dress
so the little grass hula skirts they now wore
were far from their normal best
they swayed and they sang with the music
it made them really quite gay
they hoped they looked well to the others
and they said for this day they will say
no more worry about dirt and appearance
they would just enjoy being carefree and give way
to the frog and the monkey who asked to cut in
and enjoy this most fun of all day
so our boys said to the cut sure in a moment
not resenting the dust and the noise
of the dance of the frog and the monkey
who could ever begrudge the two such a joy
the joy of a dance without reason
except for the joy of the fun
of the dance and the moon in Tahiti
and a night they were so glad had come
to forget how they looked to others
and to focus on just having fun
so remember to have fun in your life and to sway when the musics around
and not be afraid of getting a little dirty
cause sometimes getting a little dirty
is essential to having good clean fun

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Marriage - Mitro

The King and Queen have invited you
to their upcoming marriage today
the groom is happy
the bride not so much
and hopes she's not giving it away
we all grow up and think we want
to marry, that will be so cool
but sometimes fairy tales go wrong
it's not what we learned of in school
we must be careful who we wed
sometimes someone seems so good
but boy when that someone is not who we thought
 all the goodness in marriage goes south soon
so just make sure before you wed
you found the right girl or guy
the one you pick, always, all the time
and the one who always picks you 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Z -  Mitro

Bolts of lightening
blaze through the sky
and illuminate my soul

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Ride to Riches

Goldilocks in a Gold Velvet Swing 2015 - Mitro

The ride to riches
can be slow or fast
a quick buck here
but will it last
to crunch the numbers
and then to gasp
says here I've made millions
hell no, I hope it don't pass

Bird of Death or The Final Flight of The Human Psyche

Bird of Death or The Final Flight of The Human Psyche - Mitro

A final flight to freedom
it only comes with death
the buoyancy of  nothingness
a bestowing of great wealth
gone are all the tensions
gone and drifted away
by the magic wand that death waves
eliminating all bad ways
before we go we are unique
we are  peaceable or at war
but when we enter the final gate
all tensions cease and are never realized more
with the inner working of our psyche
we move on and enter through
the gateway that passes into eternity
and a bonus of life renewed

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dichotomy Degree Connection Cold and Hot

Dichotomy - Mitro
Connection degree cold
speak of things of sight
I wonder how I can let it go
and let you leave
with crystal tears that turn to water
and warm embrace that turns to ice
it's time for me to go
so I go and think
and thought
this is the end
how do I know
and if  I do
does it matter

Hot balmy breezes
blow in from the ocean
I'm so happy to be here with you
time floats on a bubble of happiness
and blesses our connection
with brilliant birds that fly into our hair
and turtles that break the water
to see us together
and the two we are as one


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship - Mitro

Melding with ocean
buoyancy carrying
silky embrace of the sea
 - Mitro

Mickey Jumping

Mickey Jumping - Mitro

Mickey jumping is a joy
cat and spider
what a boy

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