Saturday, July 25, 2015

old turtle

 Sea Turtle - Mitro

Old turtle
the road and dream

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sleeping Beauty 2015

Sleeping Beauty 2015 - Mitro

I lay in bed
and fill my lungs
quite fully and quite deep
of precious air
there's so much of
I swallow and ponder deep
what is this life
what is this thing
that we so fully use 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Shark Shark - Mitro

Everyone always said to me, please avoid the sharks
and I will protect you honey dear
you need not fear whats dark
what did I know
I was young and thought this was the way
never really occurred to me
that it was not okay
fear is just imagining
imagining makes it real
the focus ah the focus
is all it really needs
protection never comes from out
it must always come from in
for the key is when you feel safe inside
that's the only reality you leave in

Monday, July 6, 2015


The trees in the meadow are blooming
the boys  want a chance at the bat
summer has arrived early
attested by the energy of the cat
the cat is a beautiful redhead
just as pleasant as he can be
enjoying his tea with the bumblebee
while the dog bounces his baby on knee  
Forest Forest - Mitro

The willows are crying their hearts out
as always quite naturally sad
someone calls out to them
settle down
but all it does is make them more mad
I love the summer the good times
I hate to feel winter winds blow
so I solved it quite easily and nicely
by moving to Florida
and  saying goodbye to ice shows
- Mitro

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blue Nosed Poodle / Exodus to the Sea

Blue Nosed Poodle / Exodus to the Sea Blue Nosed Poodle -Mitro

The skies open
and money falls
covering the earth with kindness
what will be
will be seen
in the paradise you have left behind
tell me oh wise one
how could it be
that we should reunite
beside the sea
oh lord of lords
oh king of kings
soothe your sad head
and we will speak
of racing cars and midnight bars
tell me that you are thinking of me
- Mitro

Friday, July 3, 2015

Mini Book of Haiku

Jack Keourac
Once again inspired by Jack Keourac while reading his self professed favorite haiku

Chief Crazy Horse looks
North with tearful eyes____
The first snow flurry
By Jack Keourac Jack Keourac

I have started my own mini book of haiku

Cicada's play
no fiddle
only wings

Candlelight flickers on wall 
for wine and cheese

White snake
tell me
do you feel pain

Lemon grass
glistening with dew
the man in the moon is looking at you

Bolts of lightening
blaze through the sky
and illuminate my soul

Cerulean blue ocean
your secrets

Sage green man
tell me once
and then tell me once again

Epistle to all
the church clock
has wound down

Brilliant green forest
dark with creatures
don't turn them out

Old turtle
cross the road
and dream

Birds of flight
what do you know
that you never tell

Heat pours forth
and blazes
in the cold room

my belly is full
and feels just right

Kittens with scarves
with the moon

- Mitro

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