Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Relics from the Past

Cross - Mitro

The cart and the donkey pull up the road
the load is heavy and mind blowing right
but to travel this distance in moonlight
is creating such a fearful fright
the dogs they are baying at night travelers
each running up and then back into the night
an obstreperous band of guarding fellows
taking their job on with great mightily might as a silver sliver of moonbeam lights up the very black night
around the bend stands a old farmhouse
once the home of the Mc'Nally clan
the boy all left home to play football
and became very talented men
but I digress that is not important
and I will say what I have come to say
so back again to the donkey and the reason
the reason for the journey that day
the cart it was filled with straw
straw hiding what was underneath
it was heavy and precious and it was something
something every one needs
the donkey was understandably nervous
and keep looking behind as he went
how in heavens name did he get here
in this lonely godforsaken place
on the road to eventual freedom 
freedom for all
and I mean all in sight
for the cart contained precious relics
of a famous birth upon a very old night
the relics contained essence of goodness
from a man that went way beyond great
in fact he was quite holy and fought the very good fight
to make all people understand they are worthy
worthy of all that is good
so the donkey continues onward
because it seems many have forgotten his word


A porcupine stops and smells the flowers that lay dormant under the new sheet of snow
he's perplexed he used the flowers as his marker to show him the way to the new home
but now what
 no flowers only crystal cold white stuff
he has been watching and feeling the cold air coming on
but he is a young pup and this is the first time he has seen snow
he looks to the heavens and crystal clear flakes of snow land on his tiny face
should he turn around
but turn around where
 he is suddenly lost
he hears voices and it sounds like children
the crystal clear high tones of laughter and fun
he would like to stay and watch
but is it wise is it safe
curiosity gets the better of him and he stays put
the children come
and they laugh and point at him in delight
look how cute a porcupine!
hey this is turning into quite a fine night

Flower - Mitro

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bright Day Glorious World

Timeless ocean,
timeless mind
yellow puddles of sunshine
on a blue ocean walk
always the main topic of talk
clouds made of pillow
silky proud puffs
the world  so gracious
to deliver all of this to us
to let us experience
wild dolphins and such
and the joy of their wonderous
dance in the surf
calling out cries of goodness
encircling  the earth
everything  so pretty
everything  so nice
limitless boundaries
of white powder ice
so cool on our feet
with the sweet ocean breeze
what tremendous freedom
to walk where we please
to stop and to talk
to talk and to tease


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Clearly Tables Turn

- Mitro

Clear off into the sunset I met a tiny lamb
he was with his mother
and didn't give a damn
he knew she would protect him
that's what mothers are for
to be there for their babies
when danger comes knocking upon the door
he smelled of  glowing sunshine
he acted like the rain
he danced upon the meadow
like a crazy man in pain
he thought he wanted his freedom
so he danced and pulled away
his mother said not so fast boy
for now it's time to stay
so let me protect and hold you
hold you while I still can
when you grow to full growth
time enough to pull away
and watch over your old Mama
until her dying day

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Trio of Hedgehogs

Mickey Jumping - Mitro
A telltale sign at midnight
a cat in the old garage
tiptoeing so no one hears him
settling down among the old cars
a bothersome noise is beckoning
perhaps it is better ignored
but cats are by nature curious
and this was far too weird not to explore
so he crept up on the old  ladder
the one with all the paint splats
and looked down to the very end where he saw movement
he thought perhaps another strange cat
and indeed he was right, it was one
well no, not another cat
but a trio of little baby hedgehogs
and there they just waited and sat
so he crept down to get better acquainted
and was thrilled from his head to his toes
when the babies looked up and then cuddled
around the big cat, erasing all woes

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