Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ode to My Rock Star Son

Rock Star - Mitro
Rock star burn so  brightly, so brightly into  night
the crowds are patiently waiting
expecting phenomenal delight
what say you are you up
up to do the night
what a dizzying  way to make a living
black velvet voice washes over light
better guard your hearts                                            
with you and only with you
all  dims in cavernous yawn
when curtain opens
and spotlight picks out you
- Mitro

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Dusty Golden Evening and The Man Strolled Into Town

Father - Mitro
A dusty golden evening and
the man strolled into town
and set many hearts aflutter
when he so much as tipped his crown
he was a strapping fellow
and knew  how to get around
he passed through this life easily
but felt this moments war
for he was not just a wanderer
oh no he was so  much more
so he tiptoed in the shadow
and knocked upon the door
who answered did not matter
he knew that it was right                    
to find what he was searching for
and to knock back any fright
the streets were rather dusty
and the dust it stuck to his hair
but still he looked so pretty
in a devil may way care
he said I have a summons
a summons to meet my dad
they say he's on his death bed
and I've come to make him glad
to honor the man who sired me
and help him find his peace
in leaving this world early
now now please don't you weep
you'll always be my father
but why do you so much care
you abandoned me when I needed you
and now you pierce me with that stare
the stare that says you're sorry
and I really was not to blame
but why do I always feel that way
at the mention of your name
so close your eyes my papa
we'll meet in Heaven soon
lets just not make it too early
I've plans to shoot the moon
and poise myself for stardom
in a world that can be so cruel
cruelty that started with you
and now you surely rue
I'll seek the world of  compassion
I know that it is there
and when I find my compass
I'll live without a care

Night Creature Turning Into Forest

Night Creature Turning Into Forest - Mitro

Red orbs in forest light the way
and blaze with unremitting flame
but still I wander 
and still it's the same
to take the fire
to take the flame
amazing destiny
one travels at night
for beneath the cover of dark
one is home once again

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