Monday, February 1, 2016

Circus Circus

Circus Circus - Mitro

Circus circus
star of night
jeweled and ready 
to play the twilight
red hair counting myriad lights
a movement into magic
if not for infringement of rights
lions and elephants have no place in a cage
just the thought of those magnificent creatures
brings in me - rage 
let all of our animals be wild and run free
like all living creatures deserve to be
no zoos 
no cages 
no tortuous way to be 
to entertain others with their own pain never seen
but let us not stop at circus's
oh no 
let us go into homes and throw out dog cages too
for who is there among us
that would like to live in a cage
for the amusement of others
so sad, so wrong
time to change

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