Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Instructions on How to Love Your Mama

Mother on a Hillside - Mitro

The story begins at the beginning
and extends way far back in the past
when three little, small little orphans
had made themselves quite a pact
one was named Duffy McDuffus
one was named McGingle McGee
the other just answered to Charlie
he got the name at his blessed mamas knee
they all enjoyed sunshine and riding
and  often stumbled upon a good find
but this time it was a  bit different
this time, the find was sublime
they could not quite really believe it
so they kept rubbing and rubbing their eyes
for in a meadow with clover and daisies
they heard a sweet  babies cry
the babe was surrounded on all sides
by wildlife watching over the child
there were possums and wood mice and raccoons
everything there that was wild
the animals parted like ocean
a story that goes back to biblical times
and let the orphans have access in a motion
for they knew there was no closer tie
than the kinship between motherless children
these are ties that tie tight, and that bind
with the boys saying  this baby
would never know hardship nor pain
as long as the babe stayed in their life
as long as their wishes had gain
so the moral to learn from this is not lesson
on how to find  baby in wild
but instructions on what to do with your own mama
when you are blessed enough to have her around
the instructions are really no drama
and address strong bonds between mother and child
hold onto your mama today and hug her
kiss her and whorl her around
and bless the heavens that she's still in your life
near and dear and you can hear her sweet sound
because someday she'll be an angel
and you know that she'll go far away
so take advantage of the time while she's here
and dance with her on this fine day
cause you never know, no never, no never
what you have until it is taken away

This poem is dedicated to  my own dear mother Rita June Kinnee Mitro who became an angel way too soon.
Rita June Kinnee Mitro

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